Here’s The First Task Of Bigg Boss Season 11!

Here’s The First Task Of Bigg Boss Season 11!

Sukriti Gumber
Salman Khan with Manveer Gurjar

The Bigg Boss house is all set to return to our TV screens with it’s new love stories, budding friendships and of course – screaming, shouting and rivalries. A lot of celebrity names are doing the rounds to be the contestants in the house, in addition to which we shall see some commoners as well. However, there is no official confirmation yet due to the privacy clause in the contract.

So you already know the house will be divided into two adjacent parts as the theme for this year is Padosi (neighbours). And now we have an update on the first task of season 11! According to a report in BL, a celeb and a commoner will live together in one block and everyone will work to earn some privileges.

Each contestant will be given some facilities, which knowing Bigg Boss, will certainly be a barter system. There will be bonus points for those who complete tasks, one of which will be to keep an eye on your neighbours. Contestants will spy on one another and the one whose secret gets leaked to Bigg Boss will lose.

Fun, right?! Can we just fast forward to episode 1 already?!