A few days ago, a certain friend of Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab spoke to the media about Kangana Ranaut‘s allegations against them. Now, in an exclusive interview to Pinkvilla, Zarina has addressed Kangana’s statements herself. Kangana had spoken about Aditya stalking and abusing her repeatedly, and when she asked his wife to ask him to stop, Zarina refused, saying that she prefers Aditya being out of the house. Terming these claims as lies, Zarina has spoken to the website about this matter. Here are excerpts from the interview –

On Kangana comparing herself to their daughter –

I was just going through some stories on my mobile and I read Kangana has said “She (Zarina) used to treat her (Kangana) like a daughter…” This is completely untrue! When I knew she was dating my husband how can I say she’s like my daughter? That is ridiculous! Usually, I don’t react to such things but these two things have been really upsetting! I was very upset when I read it! She was dating my husband (Aditya) for four-and-a-half-years so how can I say that she’s like my daughter? Impossible!

On Kangana’s claims that Zarina didn’t help her –

Yeh toh sawaal hi nahi hota hai yaar! (There is no question of this happening) Agar mere husband ko date kar rahi hai, toh mere paas kaise aayegi? (If she is dating my husband, then how can she come to me?) Bolnewali ko bhi akkal honi chahiye! (People who talk like this should have some brains).

On countering Kangana’s statements –

Agar mein bhi aisa bolne lagoon toh uss ke aur hamare beech fadak kya rahega (If I start talking like her then what is the difference between her and me)? I will only say one thing – Bhagwan ne uss ko jo bhi past tha uss ka who, uss ka woh bhi jaanti hai, hum bhi jaante hai. Lekin uski kitna achchi position hai, I wish she had behaved in a more dignified manner… (Whatever past she had, we know and she knows about it, but today considering the successful position she is in, I wish she had behaved in a more dignified manner).

You can read the entire interview here.