Guess Who: This Superstar Called An Actress Over For A Script Session At 2 AM

Shreemi Verma
Guess Who
Guess Who

Here’s an interesting blind item from Mid-Day which addresses the casting couch issue rooted in the core Bollywood. While we often hear stories of ‘shady casting directors’ taking advantage of young and struggling actors and actresses, not much is spoken about this problem which exists even in the higher ranks of the industry. As per the report, top male actors still have a say in who is cast as the female lead in their films. Even if the actress is a well-known name in her own right, it doesn’t matter to the male superstars of Bollywood.

A fine example of this is this brawny actor who is one of the most successful names at the box-office. Recently, during an awards function abroad, he called in a top actress for a ‘script session’ at 2 am in his hotel room. The lady in question is a popular name and is well known for her acting skills and the man here is married to a former actress. He projects the image of a happy family man, but many suspect his wife probably knows of his affairs. The latest one though, no one is sure if it has reached the wife’s ears.

Any guesses?

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