After Kangana Ranaut publicly accused Aditya Pancholi of domestic abuse and stalking, his wife and his son have come all out to support him. There is also a video doing the rounds, where an eyewitness claims to have seen Aditya grab Kangana by the hair and punch her repeatedly in the middle of the road.

Aditya defended himself too, calling Kangana ‘mad‘. Now, in an interview to, the former actor spoke about Kangana also being product of nepotism and how it was he who got her into Anurag Basu‘s Gangster. He also said that she lived with in apartments paid for by him for the longest time. Here are excerpts from his interview –

On nepotism –

Yeh nepotism ki baat karti hai, she has no right to speak about nepotism because she also got into the film industry through nepotism. If I was not there, who would have sent her to Mahesh Bhatt for one? Agar main uska photo shoot nahi karvata Jatin Kampani se, toh yeh photo shoot kar sakti thi kya? (If I wouldn’t arrange a photoshoot by Jatin Kampani for her, then would she able to create her portfolio?) Did she ever stand in a kilometer long line for an audition? Ask her if she ever gave an audition in her life? If yes, to whom?

On the beginning of their relationship –

You never plan love, love just happens. She met me on the road, this was outside KFC on Linking Road. The building was built by my friend, Sudhakar Shetty. She kept calling me for 3 months after that but I did not meet her. After three months she called me and told me that she is sitting in JW Marriott, Juhu with Kamlesh ji, a lady from Chicago. That day finally I met her and milne ke six months baad bhi hamara affair shuru nahi hua (Our affair began after six months of knowing each other). We used to hang out in groups but there was never any love/passion. Then one day, I looked at her. And whatever I am saying is the truth. I am not a saint, I am a human being but I have flaws and I have some good qualities also. For six months I had never looked at her in that way. Bas ho gaya!

And on forgiving her if she apologizes –

Yes, I will. I am a nobody. I am not someone who holds it against anybody for long. I want Kangana’s upcoming film Simran to be a big hit. I can never be jealous of her achievements. And let me tell you one more thing. It is being said that she slept on the roads when she came to Mumbai. Let me tell you why she had a tough start. Maureen Wadia had cancelled her contract. One of my friends even paid for Asha Chandra’s flat where she stayed, even for her lodging and boarding. I thought gaon ki ladki hai, Hindi aati hai, English nahin aati hai- and that was so beautiful. (I thought she’s from a village, she knows Hindi, doesn’t know English, that’s so beautiful). It’s really high time she stops talking shit about me and my family. Stop this nonsense, Kangana. Just stop it.

You can read the entire interview here.