Guess Who: This Leading Actress Might Tie The Knot In December

Divya Rao , 16 Sep 2017

It’s a Saturday, and sometimes, when you wake up and have nothing to do, it’s fun to read blind items. This time, we found one on Open Magazine, and it’s about an A list actress, whose relationship with her boyfriend is far from hidden. The two make public appearances together all the time without stating they’re in a relationship. She has spent a significant amount the year travelling with him to different corners of the world, and has incidentally, spent less time on film sets.

She just began shooting for her next film and we hear that this might be the last one before she starts prepping for her big wedding. The actress in question also has a business of her own apart from her acting career and while she will continue to work after her wedding, the situation is a little dicey for her as her partner and his family aren’t based in Mumbai.

Her friends say this is happiest she’s ever been in any of her relationships and she doesn’t want anything to come in the way. Her parents too are fully supportive of her choices.

We don’t know how legit this is but let the guessing games begin!

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