Taapsee Pannu Speaks Up About Her Bikini Controversy

Taapsee Pannu Speaks Up About Her Bikini Controversy

Swagata Dam

A while ago, Taapsee Pannu was trolled for posting a few stills from Judwaa 2, where she’s sporting a bikini. It seems the ‘skin show’ didn’t go down too well with her ‘sanskari’ followers and they ended up showering a lot of hatred and bitter words on her on social media. But the actress didn’t keep mum and gave it back to those trolls in style. Her co-star Varun Dhawan also shared a still from the movie and asserted how beautiful she looks in that song.

Hater’s gonna hate after all. In a recent interview with IANS, the actress spoke about the controversy:

“Indian women in general have always been told by someone or the other what to do or what not to do. From the time we are born, we are always told, ‘This is what you are supposed to do’, without even asking what we want to do… These people just can’t take the fact that how suddenly a woman can have her own opinion… I don’t feel shy of being an Indian or following Indian couture. In olden times, people wore minimum clothes. Actresses used to wear really small blouses, bikini blouses and people used to worship (them). Suddenly, it is considered not good and against culture.. I always believe that if you have the body to wear a bikini and if you are confident about it, then go ahead and flaunt it. There is nothing wrong in it.”

We couldn’t agree more, Tapsee!

She also asserted how Indian actresses should come forward and endorse lingerie brands as it’s an important part of our everyday lives. True that.

More power to you, girl!

In other news, Varun was also recently trolled for flaunting his ‘cheap underwear’ and the actor also gave it back to his haters with his hilarious response.