These Colour-Changing Beauty Products Are Mesmerising

These Colour-Changing Beauty Products Are Mesmerising

Jyotika Udeshi

Any beauty addict worth her lipstick knows that the Internet is the place to go for #beautyinspo. We’ve come across so many cool trends and tutorials via the net, but our latest find is one of the best we’ve seen.

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Color-Changing Products that are Basically Magic
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Posted by Top Knot on Monday, September 4, 2017

Produced by Buzzfeed’s Top Knot, this video features colour-changing beauty products. That means that every product has one colour in its packaging, but transforms into another when applied. The variation in hues occurs due to a change in temperature or pH levels. Here’s a detailed list of each product mentioned in the video:

1. Pravana Vivids Mood Colour

When activated by heat, these temporary hair pigments change shades. Currently, they are available in 4 interesting variations (lime green to sunny yellow, cool violet to warm pink, smokey grey to invisible and tropical peach to invisible).

2. Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince Range

These green-tinged products turn into a pretty pink hue when applied due to a change in pH. You can choose from a lipstick, gloss or blush.

3. Doobys Nails

Available as press-on nails, these reusable nails alter their colour when exposed to heat. Plus, they come in an array of colours and finishes.

4. Chaos Makeup Color Shifting Creams

These cruelty-free creams vary in shades depending on the lighting and angle at which they are seen. ‘Ice Blink’ goes from blue-green to green-blue-purple. ‘Moonspell’ transforms from yellow to green-yellow-orange. ‘Cosmic Light’ changes from a red-pink to pink-silver-green.

Although these products aren’t available in India yet, we’ll definitely queue up if they are released here! Till then, we’ll satisfy ourselves by playing these videos on loop.

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