These Colour-Changing Beauty Products Are Mesmerising

Jyotika Udeshi , 20 Sep 2017
Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Any beauty addict worth her lipstick knows that the Internet is the place to go for #beautyinspo. We’ve come across so many cool trends and tutorials via the net, but our latest find is one of the best we’ve seen.

Produced by Buzzfeed’s Top Knot, this video features colour-changing beauty products. That means that every product has one colour in its packaging, but transforms into another when applied. The variation in hues occurs due to a change in temperature or pH levels. Here’s a detailed list of each product mentioned in the video:

1. Pravana Vivids Mood Colour

When activated by heat, these temporary hair pigments change shades. Currently, they are available in 4 interesting variations (lime green to sunny yellow, cool violet to warm pink, smokey grey to invisible and tropical peach to invisible).

2. Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince Range

These green-tinged products turn into a pretty pink hue when applied due to a change in pH. You can choose from a lipstick, gloss or blush.

3. Doobys Nails

Available as press-on nails, these reusable nails alter their colour when exposed to heat. Plus, they come in an array of colours and finishes.

4. Chaos Makeup Color Shifting Creams

These cruelty-free creams vary in shades depending on the lighting and angle at which they are seen. ‘Ice Blink’ goes from blue-green to green-blue-purple. ‘Moonspell’ transforms from yellow to green-yellow-orange. ‘Cosmic Light’ changes from a red-pink to pink-silver-green.

Although these products aren’t available in India yet, we’ll definitely queue up if they are released here! Till then, we’ll satisfy ourselves by playing these videos on loop.

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