The Instagram Account Of Veerey Di Wedding Was Hacked - For A Strange Reason!

Sukriti Gumber , 20 Sep 2017

It’s common for Bollywood films to have their own accounts on social media these days. It helps in the promotional aspect and all announcements/news related to the film can be made in one place – which makes it’s an effective tool.

The makers of Kareena Kapoor & Sonam Kapoor starrer Veerey Di Wedding tried a different approach with the film’s Instagram account – @vdwthefilm. They posted BTS photos, videos of their on set shenanigans right from the day the film went on floors.

However, the account was reportedly hacked. It came into notice when the profile picture was changed to a sketch of a monkey and the updated description read: “I am paki papu bhai“. All that the hacker wanted in return for the Instagram account was umm… a role in the film.

A member of the film’s digital promotion team told Mid-Day:

We had noticed the development and others had also informed us about it. We immediately reported the hacking to the Instagram headquarters in Mumbai and retrieved (control of the account). It was hacked for about 90 minutes, allegedly by a resident claiming to be Pakistani. He went live and spoke mainly in Arabic, announcing that he’d return the account if the producers gave him a role in the film.

Well, okay! We live in a strange world!

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