Parth Samthaan Gets Hospitalized

Swagata Dam
Parth Samthaan
Parth Samthaan

A while ago, we told you how Kapil Sharma was admitted into a rehab in Bengaluru for an anti-toxification treatment at an Ayurveda center and we also informed you that he’s finally back from there. The stand-up comedian had to be rushed there because his erratic work schedules were taking a toll on his body and causing a lot of health scares.

And we just heard that another popular TV celeb had to be rushed to the hospital. Parth Samthaan was suffering from low blood pressure and therefore, got dizzy. His friends took him to the hospital after witnessing his condition. He was admitted for a couple of days and is recovering now.

But his fans panicked and got rather scared when Parth’s close friend and co-star Charlie Chauhan posted a snap of him in hospital bed. Rumours of Parth having a heart attack soon started floating across social media. But thankfully, it was later clarified that nothing major happened to Parth.

Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to the actor.

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