Woah! Simran Writer Apurva Asrani Just Released The Script Of The Film On Twitter

Divya Rao , 20 Sep 2017
Apurva Asrani, Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut‘s latest release Simran has been in the news for a long, long time now. It all started when writer Apurva Asrani alleged that he wasn’t given writing credits and was extremely unhappy that Kangana’s name came first in the credits, even thought it was him who wrote the script. He then said that Kangana added ‘great value’ to the script but the story still was his. The called Kangana out for taking credit and not saying much, until the makers apologised and said it was an error on their part.

He then lashed out at her for playing the ‘victim card‘ and took to Facebook to post a long message about how she’s a pseud0-feminist.

It’s been a couple of days since the film’s release and while the audience loved Kangana in the film and have praised her performance tremendously, they haven’t really liked the film. It has fared below average at the box office. Post this, Asrani took to Twitter today to release the full script of Simran.

He then posted,

Hmm. We wonder if he’s unhappy with the way the film turned out. Have you seen the film yet? What are your thoughts?

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