Sunny Leone Lashes Out At A Splitsvilla Contestant For Making Sexist Comments

Swagata Dam , 21 Sep 2017
Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

MTV Splitsvilla has always stood up for women empowerment. In fact, last year, they even gave all the power to the girls by introducing the theme of ‘queens’ instead of the ‘kings’.

This year, the theme has been changed to the ‘science behind love’. But the women in the villa continue to be treated like queens by their partners.

Naturally, it didn’t go down too well with host Sunny Leone when one of the contestants made a statements that’s quite degrading towards women in general.

The next episode on Splitsvilla X will see rest of the villa go against Hritu, when she threatened to slap another contestant Ripu in front of everyone. To her defense, she said, “Ripu behaves like a woman and has a negative behavior towards everybody.” While the villa stood up for Ripu and defended him, Sunny also shared her opinion.

Speaking to Hritu about her comment, Sunny said, “The fact that you called him a woman is not what Splitsvilla stands for. Just because he is talking to other people does that mean I am also like this? I am also a woman. Does that mean we are all just a bunch of idiots, that’s what you are saying? You just put us down. We are the ones who set the example. Nobody can do that.”

Well said, Sunny. Kudos to her for speaking up against Hritu’s sexist statement. After all, women should pull other women up and not pull them down. Sunny’s co-host Rannvijay Singha is also a feminist and is often seen taking a stand whenever someone disrespects women.

To watch this confrontation, tune into the 10th episode of Splitsvilla X this Sunday, September 24th at 7 pm on MTV.

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