6 Things You Didn't Realise You Were Doing Wrong While Bra Shopping

Rashmi Bhosale , 23 Sep 2017
Bra Shopping Mistakes | Image source: Shutterstock
Bra Shopping Mistakes | Image source: Shutterstock

It’s not all numbers and letters when it comes to bra shopping. This is something you wear every day and so finding the right one according to your body becomes essential. We agree that perfect bra might be just a dream. But if you are feeling caged or unsupported by your underwear, then these are the things you might not be paying attention to:

1. Fit of the bra

While trying on the bras, do you use the tightest hook to see the fit? It’s advisable to try on the loosest clasp as our bra bands tend to stretch after regular use, and that’s when the tightest clasp actually comes into use. Also, if while trying on the bra you can comfortably fit two fingers underneath the band, that means you need to shift to a smaller size. Similarly, a bra that is too tight is also not your size. Even the straps need to be comfortable, not too loose or tight.

2. The cup size

The telltale signs of buying a wrong cup size are spillage and bulges on the sides. It means the cup is smaller than required. Whereas, if the cups don’t support your breasts and they tend to move, then the size is larger than you require. Wear a tee while you are trying out the bra and see if you get a seamless finish.

3. Buying the same bra size

Your body changes due to many factors like age, hormones, diet, lifestyle, etc. So, your bra size adjusts accordingly. Hence, if you start feeling uncomfortable in your current bra size, it might be time to change the size. A regular check on this will keep discomfort away.

4. Width of the straps and the band

Choose the width of the straps and the band according to your comfort level. If your breasts need the support then go for a thicker width band and straps.

5. Different situations require different bras

Apart from your regular bras, there are so many types of bras that will allow you to try out different trends. Seamless, backless, halter neck, strapless, maternity, sports and other such options are now widely available.

6. Buying interval

Don’t expect that the thing you use regularly will last as long as a year. Though their longevity depends on your rotation cycle, bras do tend to lose their shape after a while. Make sure you buy new ones regularly and not carry on with something that won’t do its job.

Hope these basic tips will help you out the next time you go for bra shopping! If you have any other info or suggestion then do let us know in the comments below.

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