Parineeti Chopra Comes Out In Support Of Mahira Khan

Priyam Saha , 23 Sep 2017
Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan
Source: Twitter @Athar_r

Recently, pictures of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan chilling in New York started doing the rounds on social media and I, for one, was very excited. The two of them would make such a good looking pair. Also, what a deja vu moment because remember this is exactly how we found out about Ranbir’s relationship with Katrina Kaif some years ago when the duo was spotted in Ibiza?

It’s 2017 now and we live on the internet – which also means that ‘trolls’ exist and we just don’t deserve good things. In a ridiculous turn of events, Mahira and Ranbir’s pictures garnered a lot of hate. And of course, Mahira was at the receiving end of a lot of slut shaming because that’s just the world we live in now apparently and women have no any right over their bodies or actions. Ugh.

Yesterday, Pakistani actor Ali Zafar (who we banned last year following the Uri Attacks) wrote a little note in support of Mahira, which made perfect sense.

Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra was asked about the photos on Golmaal Again‘s trailer launch and while she refused to comment on the alleged relationship, she did point out how unfair the slut shaming and the name calling was:

It’s so unfair. Everything on social media becomes too big of a deal.


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