Is Ekta Kapoor Upset With Sunny Leone?

Sukriti Gumber , 25 Sep 2017
Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone struck gold when she starred in the hit item song Baby Doll & played the lead in Ragini MMS 2. With the recent launch of the web series, Ragini MMS Returns, buzz was that producer Ekta Kapoor wanted Sunny to add some glam factor by attending one of the promotional events of the show.

Ekta Kapoor

However, the actress turned down the offer due to prior commitments, which allegedly did not go down very well with Ekta. She also said no to a cameo in the web series, and will be leaving for Los Angeles soon to look into the functioning of her production house.

As per Mid-Day, a source close to Ekta said that she was upset with Sunny due to this:

Sunny’s decision irked Ekta. Ragini MMS 2 was a landmark film in her career. She should have accommodated the project for the sake of loyalty towards Ekta.

However, sources close to Sunny said that there is no bitterness between the ladies. Mid-Day quoted them saying:

Sunny would have been more than happy to promote Ragini MMS Returns, but is unfortunately not available on those dates. Ekta’s team understood that completely. There is no bitterness between them. In fact, Sunny is considering collaborating with them on a show and is already in talks with them.

Until then, you can listen to Baby Doll on loop!

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