Guess Who: This International Star Is Really Into This Bollywood Actress

Divya Rao , 26 Sep 2017

We’ve often heard about Bollywood stars being smitten by their Hollywood counterparts. Take one look at Koffee With Karan, and you’ll know that every time he asks them who is the one actor/actress they find hot, unanimously comes the name of a Hollywood hottie aka Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler and more. We don’t hear rumours of link-ups that often, and the last time we heard of one was at the Emmys when Priyanka Chopra presented an award with everyone’s favourite heartthrob Tom Hiddleston. Of course those allegations were baseless and both of them were just being gracious hosts.

But rumour has it that something new might be brewing between an immensely popular Canadian pop star and a young Bollywood actress. According to a report in Mid-Day, the two met at a high end restaurant in London, and the leggy lass immediately caught the attention of this superstar. When he enquired about her, he was informed that she’s a Bollywood actress, and he soon started wooing her. The two apparently got along really well and have managed to stay away from the paps.

He reportedly started following her on social media a couple of weeks ago and that didn’t go unnoticed.

Hmmm… what an interesting one this is! We’re still guessing who this could be and how much truth there is to this. Any idea?

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