This Highlighting Technique Will Take Your Glow To The Next Level

This Highlighting Technique Will Take Your Glow To The Next Level

Jyotika Udeshi
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When it comes to highlighters, we can never get enough. Although we appreciate the art of a subtle glow, there’s something magical about a highlight that can be seen from afar. Clearly, someone agrees with us because flare highlight is now a thing.

Founded by @thestudyofmakeup, this technique creates a blinding highlight that cannot be ignored. Spotted on her cheekbones, the tip of her nose and above her brows, this glowing look definitely makes a statement.

The secret behind this trend lies in two things. The first involves the use of a wet eyeshadow brush. This type of dense brush allows her to pick up more pigment to get that saturated shine. The second tool, however, is more surprising. In order to get that flare, the artist places a Swarovski crystal on the centre of her cheekbones. The sparkle of the crystal helps create that unique flash effect.

If you are ready to try this cool technique out, it’s best to use a shimmery, powder formula. To ensure that your radiance is the focal point of the look, remember to keep the rest of your face matte. Once you are done, don’t forget to snap a quick selfie and tag us in it!

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