Priya Malik's Powerful Video Is A Must Watch For Every Woman

Divya Rao , 27 Sep 2017
Priya Malik

Priya Malik is fierce, honest, outspoken, and always makes her voice heard where it matters – whether it’s about being comfortable in your own skin or calling a producer out on social media for sending her creepy messages. This woman really has no fucks to give and is badass at its best, which is why we love following her and her work.

In her latest video, Priya talks about choice, consent and pleasure – three words which are often misunderstood in the Indian society. You’ll be surprised to know how many people simply don’t understand the meaning of these words and how many women feel like they have no right over their body or sexuality.

Her latest poem ‘Right To Pleasure’ sends out a fierce message to all the women out there – to enjoy their bodies and please themselves – and also teaches men the meaning and importance of the said words.

Check it out.

More power to you, Priya!

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