How To Layer Like A Pro This Fall

How To Layer Like A Pro This Fall

Hrishitaa Sharma
How To Layer Like A Pro This Fall
How To Layer Like A Pro This Fall

What are the cute ways to layer this fall?

– Meghna Jain, 28, Delhi.

It’s hard not to fall in love with fall. The slight chill in the air, the stylish September issues, and the hot coffee cravings, make this season our absolute favourite. It also brings the joy of stocking fresh new (slightly warmer) clothes into our wardrobe leading us to experiment with layering!

To give you some unique autumn wardrobe inspiration, we’ve hand-picked some creative layering styles you can try out this fall. From turtleneck tops to hoodie dresses, there’s so much to explore in so less time.

1. Street Style Layering

Take a hoodie dress and layer it with an XL denim jacket and thigh high boots. Add a cute beanie to the mix and you’ll be rocking fall, Hailey Baldwin style.

2. Athleisure Layering

Your fall style doesn’t have to exclude the luxe athleisure that has been trending all summer. Just throw in a long trench over the cool statement tracks you never want to get out of. This look will get you from street-chic to fall-chic in a jiffy!

3. Colourful Layering

Even though fall has a certain colour palette that ranges from light browns to deep bricks, you don’t have to follow the colour code. A bright scarf with pops of colour is a great layering formula to have a head-turning OOTD.

4. Catalog Layering

If we’re talking high fashion, sky is the limit when it comes to layering. The trick is to layer on as much as you’re comfortable in. Textures, colours, cuts–you can go all out! Just make sure you’re able to move like the wind despite the tricky layering elements.

5. Dark Dressy Layering

If you’re the girl who has more dark shades than light ones in her wardrobe or should we say, if you’re black obsessed then layering will break the monotony of colour. Play with different textures like sheer, denim, silk and layer as you please. We love how Karlie layers the sheer skirt over white shorts and keeps up with the monotone look.

6. Comfort Layering

The best part about autumn mood is that you don’t have to let go of your loose fitted clothes. PJ’s and oversized sweatshirts are bae in this slightly chilly weather. Slip a crisp white shirt under your oversized sweater and your look can pass off for inspiration on the fall/winter runway!

7. Not Safe For Work Layering

Just because you have to dress cosy, doesn’t mean you can’t show a little skin! Taking a sheer top over a statement bra and pairing it with your trusted jacket is like having best of summer in winter. Add a pair of see-through frames and dual-toned heels to up the ante of the look!

8. Tease layering

This is our favourite kind of layering. The focus here is to keep one thing short and sexy. Either go for a mini skirt or a crop top and have rest of the elements layered up just enough to give a little tease. Your boyfriend will have no complaints, we promise!

9. Trench layering

Investing in a good trench coat is imperative this fall. Either go for a muted shade that can go with most of your OOTDs or you can opt for a statement colour to spice up your basics. A light denim jacket under your classy trench is a great way of showing a hint of snazzy in your otherwise, classy get-up.

10. Colour block layering

We’ve done this all summer and we shall continue this in fall. This styling trick is all about putting your favourite colours together in a major, unique way. Creativity is key and choosing the right colours can be tricky. It’s always great to pick two contrasting colours from the spectrum thatflatters your personality and voila! You’re golden this fall.

So tell us which is your favourite layering trick this fall? We honestly can’t wait to try them all!

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