School days. Wasn’t it great? Such a simple time. The early days for few of my most cherished friendships that have survived two decades now! But the memories for some are not so fond. Bullied, isolated and alone, living every day in denial. That was the reality for many teenage boys and girls, which (in many cases) continued to be their way of life over the years to follow.

That’s what Delta is here to change.

By and for the Indian LGBT community, Delta will be

 the country’s first homegrown LGBT platform that connects like minded people, to foster a safe community of allies and those who identify. 

Each member will be thoroughly vetted through a security verification process to ensure the authenticity of the app, and then have access to networking forums, safe working spaces and important resources such as LGBT friendly listings, therapists, FAQs, mentors and more.

To be able to come out and still feel safe. To be identified by one’s potential, and not their sexual orientation. That’s the beautiful community that team Delta hopes to build. #LabelLessLove

Let’s make it happen!

With their crowdfunding campaign now live, you too can help. Just head here at Bit Giving if you’re looking to donate funds (and no amount is too little). Or join the Delta thunderclap and give them a shout out. Whether it’s in cash or kind, let’s show them some love!

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