“I Am Not Confused About The Fact That I Have A Kid” – Saif Ali Khan On Taimur

“I Am Not Confused About The Fact That I Have A Kid” – Saif Ali Khan On Taimur

Divya Rao
Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Taimur Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan‘s upcoming movie Chef sees him play a father to a 13 year old boy, and we’re really looking forward to this one because if it’s anything like the Hollywood film, we know we’ll love this one. The trailer has received a lot of positive response, and we can’t think of anybody else who would’ve fit into the role better than Saif.

At a recent press conference in Delhi, Saif was asked if he misses his son Taimur Ali Khan while shooting, because Chef deals with a busy father, who misses out on time with his son. To this, Saif replied sarcastically,

You know Taimur Ali Khan is just 9 months old and the child artist with me is 13 years old. You know I don’t think about Taimur after seeing someone else’s son. I always miss him and keep a tab on him. He is my son and I am not confused about the fact that I have a kid. Why are you asking this? Do you have kids?

Lol. He was then asked about how he manages his time between work and family – especially with his son, and he was quick to say,

When I am working I would like to do 7 to 7 shift if I can as I can see him early in the morning and when I come back I get to spend a decent amount of time with him. When you do wrong shifts, you don’t get to see your children at all.

We’re sure it’s not easy for parents to leave their kids at home…