All India Bakchod recently released a ‘prequel’ to their hilarious video – A Woman’s Besties called A Woman’s Besties 2 – Losing Your Virginity. The first one, which was released 6 months ago, was a sketch where a woman is taking a pregnancy test and having a discussion with her sex organs.

The names of the organs were –

Vagina – Vagayenti


Clitoris – Clitika


Breasts – Geeta Boobita


The characters made a reappearance in the second video too, which was about a woman conversing with her privates before doing it for the first time with her boyfriend.

But the persistent problem in both videos were the comments where people (mostly men) had no idea what ‘Clitika’ meant.

Yep, people still don’t know what a clitoris is, which is rather sad. If this isn’t proof that Indians are in dire need of sex education, then what is?

Watch the videos here –

And read up on what a clitoris is here.

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