Beauty trends come, go, stay and get revamped. But never in a millions years would we have guessed that we would be writing about brows. You have to admit it, the beauty world (well technically the Instagram world) has officially gone berserk over eyebrows. Some are cool, some are down right odd, and others are well, not recommended for daily wear.

Beauty queen Huda Beauty seems to have taken on her own brow trend and took to Instagram with a video last night which lead to the McDonalds Brows—As a joke, of course! Press play on the video above and watch the hilarious way she draws on her McDonald arches while her main question remains… Da fuck is happening to the real beauty trends?

Let’s look at this year’s crazy brow trends shall we?

1. The barb wire brow

2. The feathered brow

3. The wavy brow

4. The geometrical brow

5. The pom pom brows

6. The dragon brows

And the latest one…

7. The braided brow

What are your thoughts?

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