Riya Sen got married in a low-key ceremony last month to her boyfriend Shivam. It took most people by surprise as the actress had kept somewhat of a low profile since a long time. News of her marriage plans were announced by the media just a few days before her wedding, which lead to many sites speculating that the actress might be pregnant, and that’s what lead to her sudden decision to get married.

While such rumours are extremely invasive and threaten the principles of basic privacy, Riya calmly addressed them in an interview to Spotboye.com.

Here are some excerpts –

On how they first met –

We met on February 12 at Harry’s Bar in Juhu for a brunch, which got over at midnight! He had flown in from Delhi the previous night. We were set up by friends as a joke and he had flown down to meet me.

On how he proposed –

He just woke up one morning and said – Let’s get married NOW! It (the decision to marry Shivam) was quite instantaneous. Can’t explain.

On speculations that she was pregnant and if she plans to start a family –

I expected that speculation. No comments.

And her thoughts on marriage –

According to me, it’s a leap of faith . Marriage doesn’t guarantee anything, it doesn’t come with perfect settings. Marriage largely entails love, respect, honesty, understanding and trust between two people, which only you can create for yourself to make it last

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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