Bigg Boss 11: All You Need To Know About Airport Jallad AKA Chintan Gangar

Sukriti Gumber , 03 Oct 2017

Bigg Boss 10 was a fairly entertaining season. The idea of commoners vs celebrities was a huge hit, Manveer Gujjar won the season and it paved the way for season 11 to bring back the concept of aam aadmi in the house. The only thing season 10 lacked for the Bigg Boss jallad.

Jallad aka Chintan Gangar was a part of Bigg Boss season 7, 8 and 9 and the viewers loved him. But did you know he wanted to enter the show as a participant?! Instead he ended up sharing the stage with Salman Khan every weekend. Talk about stars aligning!

Reportedly, a friend introduced Chintan to the show co-ordinator, who selected him for a screen test. The next day, he beat 6 other candidates and got selected. The rest, as you know is history! After wining hearts for 3 seasons in a row, he disappointed the viewers with a no-show in season 10.

Chintan told a leading entreatment portal that things that are easily available lose their importance over time. Therefore, in order to leave a mark, he decided to do the show only a couple of times. It was his love & respect for Salman that kept bringing him back to the show. He may not have been a part of Bigg Boss 1o, but we finally have him on his Bigg Boss 11.

Legit waiting for the weekend episodes to be meet the jailed once again!

Until then, check out some of his fun Instagram posts:

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