Guess Who Mira Kapoor's Best Friend In Bollywood Is

Divya Rao , 03 Oct 2017
Mira Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor‘s gorgeous wife Mira Kapoor has slowly become the most popular star wife there is, and sometimes, she gets more attention than Shahid does. Who would’ve thought?! She’s got lots of active and dedicated fan clubs on social media, and as you already know, she gets papped every time she steps out.

There have been rumours of Mira venturing into acting for a while now. It was being said she’d star in an ad with Misha, which sounds quite unreal but enough to get her fans excited. Shahid was recently asked about Mira’s acting plans and he said he’d be supportive of anything she wants to do. You can read the full interview here.

Mira too, in an interview with Hindustan Times was asked about these rumours and here’s what she said.

People turn it into how it’s a very bad or a very good profession. Right now, I see it as a time consuming job that comes with a lot of pressure and I don’t want to deal with these pressures. If an opportunity comes I will take a call then, but right now, no.

When asked about what who her closest friend in the industry is, Mira had a not-so-surprising answer.

I think friendship evolves over time and I have been here for a little less than two years.  So I can say that right now, my closest friend is Shahid. I am very proud to say that because that is why our relationship has such depth. That does not mean that people in the industry are not friendly. They are extremely warm and welcoming. I have never got cold vibes from whoever I have met till now.

Isn’t that sweet now? :)

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