Leander Paes And Rhea Pillai's Legal Battle Gets Uglier

Divya Rao , 03 Oct 2017
Leander Paes, Rhea Pillai
Leander Paes, Rhea Pillai

It’s been three years since Rhea Pillai slapped a case of domestic violence against her former partner Leander Paes, where she alleged that he wasn’t there for their daughter and made no contribution towards her education or well-being. She demanded for a sum of Rs. 52.37 lac and for a monthly payment of Rs. 2.62 lacs.

She has now moved an application before the Magistrate’s Court in Bandra, seeking the production of Paes’ passport and relevant documents. She was previously mentioned in the column of ‘name of spouse” on his passport, which was valid till the 18th of February, 2018.  Interestingly, Paes got himself a new passport in 2014 in the USA, stating that he lost his passport whilst he was in the U.S.. The new passport had Pillai’s name missing from the column of the spouse, and when questioned, his PR said,

It was an administrative lapse by the passport officials

The Regional Passport Officer then went on to slam his PRs claim and added,

The details in a passport are based on data provided by the applicant. Without proof, we don’t put such details in an important document like a passport.

Adding to the intrigue, when a deputy passport officer was asked about the passport change, he said they weren’t updated on the issue.

We have not received any information about loss of Paes’s passport. Even if it was lost in the US and he was issued a travel document or another passport by the Indian Embassy there, we would have been informed and we would have updated our records.
Pillai has now sought production of the complaint and other relevant documents reporting the purported loss of Pae’s passport in the U..S.

In her application Rhea has also sought production of the complaint and other relevant documents reporting the purported loss of Paes’s passport in the US..

Looks like this is getting messier by the day.

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