Rangoli Ranaut Goes On A Twitter Rant Against Hrithik Roshan After He Accuses Kangana Of Stalking Him

Shreemi Verma , 03 Oct 2017
Rangoli Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut
Rangoli Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut

Remember back in 2016 when there was news of Hrithik Roshan filing a 29-page legal complaint against Kangana Ranaut? Well, contents of the letter are getting attention as Republic channel has published part 1 of the said complaint.

In the document, Hrithik has accused Kangana of stalking and hounding him and has said that she sent him ‘sexually explicit’ emails in which she called him her ‘eternal lover’. Hrithik was apparently ‘repulsed but out of decency ignored those mails’. While Kangana (in various interviews) stated that the case which Hrithik had filed, which included an imposter and the Cyber Cell being involved has been shut due to lack of evidence, Republic has reported that the Mumbai police has not closed the case yet, Hrithik counsel Mahesh Jethmalani confirmed the same.

The complaint mentions that between 2009 and 2013, Hrithik and Kangana came in contact with each other for professional reasons only. But in 2014, Hrithik allegedly began receiving abusive messages (in Hindi) from Kangana. Kangana’s sister Rangoli Ranaut Chandel, was also mentioned in the complaint, where they’ve said Hrithik received a surprising email from Rangoli, accusing him of ’emotionally and psychologically raping‘ Kangana.

Rangoli took to Twitter to respond to this news –

Kangana’s lawyer, Rizwan Siddiquee posted his response as well, stating how surprising it is that the media is trying to create a frenzy out of an old police complaint. You can read the statement here –

And part 1 of the above-mentioned legal complaint can be read here.

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