7 Photos Of Bigg Boss 11's Benafsha Soonawalla Looking Smokin Hot

Divya Rao , 04 Oct 2017
Benfasha Soonawalla

Season 11 of Bigg Boss took off this weekend and it seems like the show is on in full swing. From the first fight to the first nomination – it’s all already happening, and let me tell you one thing – it’s as dramatic as ever! This year, the show has an interesting mix of contestants and it feels like there are less celebrities. We’re particularly looking forward to seeing what the padosis get up to this season because it’s an interesting concept.

Anyway, this year, the show has MTV VJ and hottie Benafsha Soonawalla on the show, and it looks like her performance on the opening night has got her a lot of fans overnight! So, without further ado… here are 7 photos of her looking smokin’ hot!

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