Boman Irani Just Got Conned And The Result Is Not What You Expected

Boman Irani Just Got Conned And The Result Is Not What You Expected

Divya Rao

Boman Irani is one of the finest actors we have out there, who’s known for his impeccable comic timing. When you’re looking for some hilarity, you know you can always count on him to make you laugh through his movies or those funny one-liners in his interviews. This festive season, he’s back at it again with this super funny ad.

The ad sees Boman watching television while two thieves break into his house. Instead of focusing on discreetly stealing from there, the two get distracted by the Intex Smart TV in Boman’s living room. Why, you ask? It’s got great picture quality, buffer-free streaming and a motion sensor.

Boman Irani with the thieves

Here’s a fun fact for the days you’re ridiculously bored at home – the motion sensor feature lets you play games on your Intex TV using your mobile phone. Fun house parties, here we come!

Check out the ad for yourself!

It’s no wonder that the burglars left everything else in the house and decided to go for the TV. We’d probably do that too! And if you’re just as enamoured by this TV, they have a festive Intex Diwali Combo Offer going on now, where you can get a home theatre along with the Smart television.

We know we’re eyeing this already! ;)

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