Bigg Boss 11: Kishwer Merchant Lashed Out At Hina Khan & Deleted Her Post Soon After

Bigg Boss 11: Kishwer Merchant Lashed Out At Hina Khan & Deleted Her Post Soon After

Divya Rao

Season 11 of Bigg Boss has just started about 6 days ago but it seems like the drama has already unfolded. I mean, the contestants had their first big fight within 24 hours of entering the house. Let me refresh your memory – Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta had a showdown, where she accused him of firing her, and then, it was out there for the whole house to see. The housemates tried to intervene and she walked away crying. Then there’s Arshi Khan, who claims she’s had sex with Shahid Afridi… Why she’d bring this up now is beyond me, but hey, that’s the Bigg Boss house for you.

A couple of seasons ago, when Kishwer Merchant was on the show, she spat into a glass of water and served that to Rishab Sinha, stirring up a massive controversy. This task came up during conversation in the BB house yesterday and Hina Khan said that while she respected Kishwer’s blunt personality, the act in itself was unacceptable.

To this, Kishwer was quick to take to Instagram and slammed Hina.

There are times when u make a mistake .. then say sorry and move on to becoming a better person. With all due respect @realhinakhan it’s just been 2 days .. u can talk abt things.. but hang on let the tasks start.. we are watching u from the outside to see how nice u are nt tht I haven’t heard stories abt u when u were dng yeh rishta kya kehlata hai and now recently when u did #khatronkekhiladi. Let the house push u a little.. let it start driving u crazy .. I haven’t explained myself for the action I did 2yrs bk once again in this post as it’s my past.. I have said sorry to Rishab .. things are super between us !! At the end of it I came out with dignity and sooo much love and respect from everyone.. I came out a winner thts what mattered.. my growth from bad to good is what mattered !!! All the best Hina keeping a watch on you.

Soon after people explained to her that that’s not how Hina meant it, and after understanding the truth, she deleted that post and posted another message.

It’s gracious of her to acknowledge she was wrong. Either way, this season should make for a fun watch, don’t you think?