Celina Jaitly Opens Up About Losing Her Son And Father In The Same Year

Celina Jaitly Opens Up About Losing Her Son And Father In The Same Year

Divya Rao
Celina Jaitley with her husband Peter Haag and twins, Viraj and Winston.

As you must already know, Celina Jaitly had been expecting twins but unfortunately lost one of them while giving birth due to a serious heart condition. This news was understandably devastating for the mother and she penned down a bittersweet note about the ordeal. It was heartbreaking to say the least, and we can’t imagine how difficult it must be for Celina, as she lost her father just two months ago.

In a recent interview with IANS, she spoke about her loss and trust me, it’ll break your heart.

It’s all just so difficult to deal with. I’ve been trying to keep it together since papa passed away After all that we have been through, all I can say is we have immense gratitude that the universe didn’t leave our arms empty. It’s just too painful to talk about.

Her only solace is that her father and son are now “united”, and she added,

I only wish Dad and Shamsher would send a sign. It’s been a challenging last two months. Arthur is the light at the end of our dark tunnel. It’s difficult to talk about Shamsher but I want to thank everyone for the joy they shared for Arthur and the sorrow they expressed for Shamsher. I hope pain one day turns into beautiful memories… till then please bless my family.

Aww. We’re sending you lots of love, hugs and good wishes, Celina. Stay strong.