Here's How Arjun Kapoor Responded When He Was Called A 'Rapist'

Shreemi Verma , 07 Oct 2017

Arjun Kapoor is one of the most interactive stars on Twitter. While his fans are mostly sweet, he does have to deal with trolls like everyone else. Usually the actor either ignores or has a witty response to hate, but this time a troll took a step further and passed a judgement on his character (without actually knowing him).

A woman tweeted that he looks like a creep and gives vibes of a criminal and a rapist. This tweet got him angry enough to issue a response –

Arjun Kapoor
Source: Twitter @arjunk26

It’s a measured and a classy reply. The girl has now deleted her tweet, probably because she was embarrassed at the choice of her words. Casually saying a guy ‘looks like a rapist’ is as bad as calling a girl ‘whore’, and as Queen Tina Fey says, we need to stop doing that.


Have a nice day!

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