Bigg Boss 11: Zubair Khan Overdoses On Pills And Files An FIR Against Salman Khan

Shreemi Verma
Zubair Khan and Salman Khan
Zubair Khan and Salman Khan

It’s just been some days since Bigg Boss 11 has started and there’s already enough fodder to fill in newspapers. One of the most controversial dudes out there – Zubair Khan was already pretty hated in the house due to his abusive behaviour. And now he’s out because of lack of votes and health problems. During the show’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan lashed out at him, which lead to Zubair taking a high dose of pills and being rushed to a hospital in Lonavla.

Now that he’s back in Mumbai, has reported that Zubair has filed an FIR against Salman Khan. Zubair was caught lying about his claim of being related to terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and Salman called him out for that. While trying to explain himself, Zubair called Salman ‘bhai jaan‘ but the superstar told him not to. While entering the show, Zubair had said that he’s participating in Bigg Boss to win back his children. Salman told him that his behaviour will only make the children move away further from him.

Zubair might be also dealing with more litigation as Dawood Ibrahim’s family has threatened legal action against him for lying that he’s a part of their family.

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