Sonam Kapoor Gives Tribute To Fashion Icons In The Coolest Way Ever

Sonam Kapoor Gives Tribute To Fashion Icons In The Coolest Way Ever

Hrishitaa Sharma
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Sonam Kapoor is the undisputed queen of all things stylish in Bollywood. From being a trendsetter to introducing us to the best of global fashion, she’s the one to keep us updated with what’s good on and off the runway! We admire her unapologetic love for fashion and the balance she creates between international labels and Indian couturiers.

“As an actor you create an idea of yourself through emotions, expressions, dialogues but also through clothes.When you look back at history to define an era, you look back at fashion.All icons of their time had elements in their dressing that stood out.”
Sonam Kapoor

And when she’s the poster child for fashion it came to us as no surprise the fun shoot she did with Vogue India on the occasion of their 10th anniversary. The gorgeous girl also crowned as the Fashion Icon Of The Year paid tribute to the biggest fashion icons by transforming herself as them in this glorious photoshoot. Take a look at this fashion chameleon changing avatar and doing full justice to them.

Sonam as Marlene Dietrich known for her glamorous persona and bedroom eyes.

Sonam kapoor as Marlene Dietrich
Sonam Kapoor as Marlene Dietrich

Sonam as Madhubala who was considered the most stunning women in the world at one point.

Sonam kapoor as Madhubala
Sonam Kapoor as Madhubala

Sonam as Mata Hari who was a Dutch exotic dancer.

Sonam kapoor as Matahari
Sonam Kapoor as Mata Hari

Sonam as Frida Kahlo the Mexican artist whose style continues to influence designers even after decades.

Sonam kapoor as Frida Kahlo
Sonam Kapoor as Frida Kahlo

Now wasn’t that mind-blowing? Who do you think she looks best as?

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