Hrithik Roshan Denies That Infidelity Was The Reason For His Divorce

Hrithik Roshan Denies That Infidelity Was The Reason For His Divorce

Shreemi Verma

In an interview to CNN IBN, Hrithik Roshan spoke at length about his on-going legal battle with Kangana Ranaut, the adverse effect an Amul hoarding had on him and many more things. He even touched upon the topic of his divorce with Sussanne Khan where he said that contrary to rumours, infidelity was not the reason for their break-up. Here’s what he said about the matter –

Sussanne has been very very vocal about this. She has been very vocal. And I feel like laughing at people. When people get divorced, it is not always because of infidelity by the man. That is just such a small minded assumption. I am just trying to say that there are many reasons why people would like to live separate lives. Infidelity is just one of them. So the general assumption was, “Ah he is the superstar, he must have done something wrong. She must have caught him..” That is not the case. We are great friends. It is between us. The reason that we decided to live separately may have been an inspiring reason, how do you know.

Hrithik and Sussanne have been extremely good friends even after their divorce and they make sure to remain great parents to their two sons. Sussanne has also publicly supported Hrithik during his crisis with Kangana.

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