This Social Media Star Accidentally Live-Streamed Herself Having Sex

Divya Rao , 12 Oct 2017

Doll face ??

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Social media is a funny, funny world. It’s often a boon but more often than not, it turns into a bane – when someone accidentally posts the questionable photo on their story for the world to see! While sex tapes seemed to once be a common way to get some publicity and fame in the West (think of a famous family lol), the trend has today died down. Thankfully.

Most people’s worst nightmare came true for social media star, Kristen Hancher, who in an unfortunate turn of events accidentally live streamed herself having sex with her boyfriend Andrew Gregory on Instagram.

In an interview with Metro UK, she revealed that she was mortified the moment she realised that she left her live on. The camera was apparently turned on for a full three minutes with it facing the ceiling fan, and her fans could hear loud and sexual noises. Thankfully, the camera was turned away but imagine what it would’ve been like otherwise. Fans said they heard a lot of moaning and some dirty talking.


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