Remember when back in the 90s, we were all crushing on Shaan and were obsessed with his song Tanha Dil? I know I was, and he has always been one of my favourite singers. There was a time when every second song in Bollywood was sung by Sonu Nigam and him, but that has definitely changed today. Why? Shaan spoke about it on Saavn‘s newest show Talking Music and trust me, this will break your heart a little.

Today you are as big as your social media following is. So, I’m just holding on to whatever I get as answers, because I really don’t have an answer to why suddenly no one wants to get me to sing for them. It’s not like I had a very dated style of singing or I had a very typical way of singing that I exhausted singing over the years. I have still to find someone who can mimic me, almost every singer has been mimicked. Not that I have had an attitude issue or I’ve been rude with people or I’ve asked for  a lot of money. The one good thing no one’s done any great favours for me and I’m happy that I’ve been there for whoever has ever wanted me around. So, in a way, I have no baggage which is good because there was a time when without even knocking at any doors, things were just happening and now for me to do it I almost feel that bolenge… ‘shaan bechaara aake gaana maang raha tha yaar, kya time aa gaya hai na’. I don’t want someone to even come up with something like that.

This really saddens me because he’s a bundle of talent who the world definitely needs more of! But hopefully, this will catch the attention of producers and we’ll get to hear some new songs from him. One can be hopeful. 🙂

And if you want to refresh your memory, here’s Tanha Dil for you.