Love stories are as much a part of the Bigg Boss house as the ugly fights, screaming and arguments. There is allegedly one brewing in season 11 too – between Puneesh Sharma & Bandgi Kalra – but the latter’s boyfriend is unhappy about it.

Bandgi & Puneesh have maintained that they are doing everything for the TRPs – but how much is too much? They spend most of their time together, hold hands, sleep on each other’s lap and now Puneesh MAY have given Bandgi a love bite. Umm, hmm.

In an unseen video posted on Voot, Bandgi asks Sapna Choudhary if there’s a red mark on her neck. The latter agrees and says it looks like a love bite. However, Bandgi denies that possibility and starts telling her an incident about how she first got to know what a love bite is. Now we are not saying it’s a love bite for sure, it could be an insect bite too.

Buttt, you never know! Bigg Boss has a strong record of contestants getting intimate with each other, after all!