Ex Bigg Boss Host Arshad Warsi Calls The Show 'Down Market' And 'Tacky'

Divya Rao , 17 Oct 2017
Arshad Warsi

Television’s popular reality TV show Bigg Boss has come a long way since its inception. Back then, it had fun contestants on the show and actually made for a good watch but over the years, this has changed. Today, we hear of fights within the first day of the show, people trying their best to ‘get some footage’, and of course, there always will be one problem child in the house. Remember Om Swami and his antics in the house last year? It drove everyone up the wall! This season too seems to be following suit after Sapna Choudhary sprayed insect repellent on Arshi Khan.

Ex Bigg Boss host Arshad Warsi, who hosted the first season of the show, had a lot of say about it during an interview with Mid-Day recently. He feels the show is now “down market.” Here’s an excerpt.

The show is down market. People on the show, I hear, are tacky. I haven’t seen this season, but I’ve heard about it. The channel is attempting to boost the ratings by showcasing the things that sell. And thus, morality is taking a backseat. People enjoy watching crass, and the channel is merely serving it. The content showcased on Indian television is regressive. The day people change, their taste, the narrative of the shows will also change. If the world wants to see sensible people in the house, the channel will oblige. The audience wants to see dramatic people, those who fight, hit and abuse.

We can’t help but agree with him on this one.

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