Guess Who: This Married Actor Might Be An Escort

Guess Who: This Married Actor Might Be An Escort

Shreemi Verma

This blind item from is rather intriguing. This TV actor, who is married and has participated in a dance reality show with his wife sometime ago is also, reportedly an escort. As per the website, he makes good money pleasuring interested women. The wife is apparently aware of his alternate career and she doesn’t seem to have much of a problem.

Recently though, the tall and lean actor faced an awkward situation when he was out of the country for one of his ‘trips’. He bumped into another person from the industry who knew him rather well, in the hotel he and his client were staying in. The actor was with his lady when this acquaintance spotted him.

This unfortunate encounter hasn’t stopped him from continuing his business though. If the wife doesn’t have a problem then what difference does an acquaintance make, right?

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