Deepika Padukone launched Hema Malini‘s biography Beyond The Dream Girl yesterday and the ladies looked gorgeous (like that’s even a surprise). During the event, the author of the book Ram Kamal Mukherjee, Hema Malini and Deepika indulged in some fun banter. But Deepika also made interesting comments on relationships and marriage.

While talking about love, she called romantic relationships complicated and added that getting a partner to understand you is difficult. Later, Ram spoke about how Hema Malini’s parents had posted a matrimonial ad in the papers at that time, to which Deepika replied –

Don’t talk about it! If my father (Prakash Padukone) hears this, he will ask (about my marriage).

Basically, Deepika’s parents are like every Indian parent ever. Good to know! Stars, they’re just like us.