17 Hacks To Get Festive-Ready Using One Product You Already Own

Rashmi Bhosale , 19 Oct 2017
Vaseline Festive Hacks
Vaseline Festive Hacks

The iconic blue and white petroleum jelly bottle can be spotted in every household. Yes, if your first instinct was to check your bedside table then we’ve got it right! Whether it’s combating dry skin or healing cuts and burns, Vaseline has been our buddy for ages through it all. This versatile household product has multi-beauty purposes, too. So, here are a few hacks that will get you festive-ready in a jiffy:

  1. Get Glossy Skin
  2. Avoid Nail Polish Mistakes
  3. Remove Stubborn Mascara
  4. Remove Stubborn Rings
  5. Remove Makeup
  6. Fixing Rusted Razors
  7. Moisturise Cuticles
  8. Tame Baby Hair
  9. Avoid Jammed Polish Bottles
  10. Create DIY Blush
  11. Remove Surface Stain
  12. Cure Earaches
  13. Cure Headaches
  14. Protect Hairline While Colouring Hair
  15. Create Luminous Foundation
  16. Create DIY Lipstain
  17. Create DIY Highlighter

Here’s a video where our blogger friends show you how to improve your festive game with these quick hacks:

Your Favourite Bloggers Show You Their Go-To Festive Hacks

With the festive season in its full bloom, these #VaselineHacks will get you party-ready in minutes! ✨ #VaselineJelly #SkinCare #FestiveCare

Posted by MissMalini on Thursday, October 19, 2017

*This post is in partnership with Vaseline India. 

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