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Diwali is right around the corner, and it’s time to prepare for the celebrations! I have a fun way to bond with your family/friends, while also getting ready to host your guests (or prepare a potluck dish!). Cooking has always been such a big part of any holiday for me.  My fondest memories are sitting around the kitchen counter preparing dishes with my mom, grandmother and other family members.   Those warm aromas from the kitchen always make the celebration that much more special.  But, with all that holiday eating can come the holiday weight gain…. So today, I have two of my favorite Home with Heena GUILT FREE holiday dishes! Rainbow Dhokla (which are just as healthy as they are pretty) and  Baked Samosa.

For the Rainbow Dhokla, I use sooji(semolina) to make them quick and I use all natural ingredients for the food coloring.  Beet root for the red, spinach for the green, and turmeric for the yellow.  So the Dhokla are filled with healthy grains, besan(chickpea flour) for protein, and lots of veggies.   And this is also a fun dish to make with kids!  Check out the video below for full instructions:

For the Baked Samosa, I’ve made the traditional potato and pea filling but used a lot less oil and instead of using a thick flaky deep fried crust, I’ve used store bought thin flour tortillas and baked them!  Again, this is a really easy dish and a great activity for kids!  If you are short on time, this is also a great dish to prepare in parts. You can make the filling one day, assemble the samosa another day, and then just bake them when you are ready to serve! Here is the full recipe:

Please do let me know how your dishes turn out and feel free to share some of your favorite diwali dishes!  Maybe we can try to make healthier versions of those next time! 😉  If you enjoyed these recipes, please like and subscribe to Home with Heena for more!  Happy Diwali!!