Apple celebrates 10 years of the iPhone this year, so we thought its about time we dig out the hidden features and hacks that add the smart to the smart phone. From the iPhone 2G to the iPhone X, Apple has come a very long way, making some amazing improvements in the technology, design and innovation that goes into making these incredible phones and with super long hours being spent on your phone through the day (with never enough battery life), we were positive that these 5 hacks are gonna make life easier for you!

5 must know iPhone hacks and how to do them:

1. Custom vibrations-

Not knowing whose calling gets quite annoying right? But guess what, now you can!  Create customised vibrations for individuals from your contact list. So the next time you get a call you will be able to tell who is calling based on the way it vibrates in your pocket. What you gotta do is in Contacts, select the individual you want to give a custom vibration to then click edit and you should be able to see a vibrations option. Voila!

2. Quick searches-

A lot of people end up surfing the web on there phones, and its super annoying typing out the entire url every time, so what this hack does, is that it saves you the time of typing in the .com or .net every time, so once you have finished typing the url, hold down the . button and a tray of options will show up making your life easier. You’re welcome.

3. Music timer-

If you have a playlist titled ‘Sleep’, you’re gonna love this hack! It lets you set a timer on your phone, which turns off any music playing from Apple Music or Spotify once the time is up. What you have to do is select the timer from the swipe up menu and click on the ‘When Timer Ends’, then scroll down to the ‘Stop Playing’ and there you have it. So any music playing after the timer expires is shut off. No more waking up to some random track playing through the night.

4. Better quality pictures-

The iPhone camera has always been one of the best cameras found on a smart phone, and this hack just ensures that. While capturing an image you would idealy tap the screen to set the focal point, which would shift if the frame is moved, but now you can lock in on the focal point by holding down that point for a few seconds until the ‘AF Lock’ box pops up, after which the camera locks onto that particular point of focus allowing you to move around while clicking your snaps.

5. Service finder-

All the crazy amount of times your phone just refuses to catch any signal, causing you to do the most ridiculously stupid things (like hanging outside a window) trying to get a single bar. Those days are behind us, cos now all you gotta do is is type *3001#12345#* into your keypad and hit call, this will direct you to a hidden Field Mode menu, which aside from giving you all the technical information will display your network settings in numbers instead of bars, which is much easier to understand as higher(-150) the number weaker the signal and the lower(-50) the number better the signal. Shazam!!

So here are 5 super awesome hacks to optimise your iPhone. Go crazy and give these a try!

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