Halloween is the only time of the year, when you can be anyone you want! Even though the custom of trick-o-treating is non-existent in India, we still love to dress up and go out and party. Dressing up as your favourite movie star, comic book or anime character is a lot of fun and with an abundance of Halloween themed parties all over the place, you get to show off your kick ass costume to all your friends. But being able to pull off a super cool costume isn’t always easy, but don’t worry we got you covered!  Here are a few awesome costume ideas for you guys which are easy to put together as well.

6 Iconic and Easy Halloween costumes for Men:

1. Khal Drogo (Game Of Thrones)

The raw and hunky cheiftan of the Dothraki, who had to leave us in season one, has always been a Halloween favourite. So bring out the beach bod and rock this costume.

What you need is –

  • Black eye liner and eye shadow.
  • High waisted leather belt top/bare chest.
  • Brown leather/suede pants.
  • Gold leather belt/brown apron.
  • Set of daggers.
  • Optional – shoulder tattoos.

2. James Bond (Spectre)

The suave Daniel Craig looking super stylish as James Bond in Spectre. This look will definitely turn heads, if done right!

What you need is –

  • Back turtle neck.
  • Dark grey trousers.
  • Brown gun strap
  • A pistol (not a real one)
  • Black boots.

3. Clark Kent (Super Man)

The iconic Clark Kent – Superman look will always earn you brownie points at a costume competition. Its a very comfortable look, which is also easy to pull off.

What you need is –

  • White shirt.
  • Red tie.
  • Superman chest logo t-shirt.
  • Blue/Grey trousers.
  • Formal shoes.
  • Black round/square glasses.
  • Optional – brown jacket.

4. Heisenberg & Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)

The Breaking Bad duo, are often seen making their blue meth wearing these hazmat suits. Your sure to stand out, in these bright yellow suits (the outfit works perfectly well without any meth as well!).

What you need is –

  • Yellow hazmat suit.
  • A gas mask.
  • Blue rubber gloves.

5.Harry Potter (Order Of The Phoenix)

Fly in on your broom this Halloween, as the boy who lived!

What you need is –

  • Round Glasses.
  • Lighting scar on your forehead.
  • White shirt.
  • Dark grey vest.
  • Red and yellow stripes tie.
  • Black robe.
  • Back trousers.
  • Magic wand.

6. Nick Fury (The Avengers)

Go all black as Marvel’s Nick Fury, which is an outstanding outfit to wear, that to with ease!

What you need is –

  • Eye patch.
  • Black turtle neck zipper.
  • Black overcoat.
  • Black leather gloves.
  • Optional – a mean look in your eyes :p

These are 6 iconic outfits you guys can try out this Halloween. They are easy to assemble looks, so have fun with them, and kill it at your Halloween party!!

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