Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Rochelle Rao Gave It Back To Her Body Shamers With These Powerful Photos

Swagata Dam , 26 Oct 2017

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Rochelle Rao is currently in a happy space. On the personal front, she got engaged to her beau Keith Sequeira a while ago. And the actor-anchor is going great guns professionally like always.

But she was in for a rude shock when she got trolled majorly for putting on some weight. Not the one to take sh*t, Rochelle decided to give it back to the ones who body shamed her. She has shared a couple of unedited photographs of herself with some powerful captions.

We live in a day and age when we all want to be perfect! You have put a lot of weight on recently, and a lot of people have commented!… Well I ask you, is there something wrong with that? We all have phases in our lives and this too is a phase! Why do we have to be perfect all the time? We’ve stopped being comfortable with who we are! And so here I am sharing my imperfections, pictures which show the real me, that is not hiding behind the veil of Photoshop! Are you willing to take off the mask? I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else, so lets share the imperfections! You are beyond your photos! #thisisme #notsoperfect #nakedtruth#whatyoudontsee

Left profile, right profile, let’s hide the areas which show the fat! But who said curves can’t be beautiful? Body shaming has become a common phenomenon in this day and age where it’s ok for any one to comment on another person’s body! It all stems from insecurities! Rather than hiding, I choose to highlight my imperfections! The parts of me I was taught to hate, I now choose to show off! I choose to announce that yes I’m not perfect! My question to you is are you willing to share your imperfections with the world? #thisisme #notsoperfect #nakedtruth #whatyoudontsee

More power to you, girl!

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