How To Use Makeup You Already Own For Halloween

How To Use Makeup You Already Own For Halloween

Jyotika Udeshi

You’ve figured out which party to go to and what costume you are going to wear, but what about your makeup? Beauty lovers know that Halloween is a great time to unleash all those creative makeup skills. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go out and buy special products. Here are a few ways to use the 5 makeup items that you already have in your stash to create stunning Halloween looks.

1. Eye Liner

From Cleopatra’s dramatic wing to cute, cat whiskers, there’s a lot you can do with eyeliner! Use a brush to get precision whilst you draw on a spider’s web or a masquerade ball mask. Or go all out with a skull look by using the inky colour around your eyes, nose and cheekbones.

2. Setting Powder

Looking to spook the daylights out of someone? Go crazy with setting powder. By adding several layers, you can give yourself a ghostly white pallor that befits any ghoul or zombie. If characters are more your style, liberally sprinkle the powder through your hair to look like Cruella de Vil.

3. Glitter

This one is for those people who prefer to look pretty for Halloween. Use loose glitter particles around your forehead if you are aiming to look like a unicorn. You can even smatter the sparkle all over to channel your inner fairy or mermaid.

4. Red Lipstick

Here’s the MVP of Halloween makeup! Whether you want to dress up as your favourite singer or need a quick, clown nose, red lipstick can do it all. Opt for the liquid variety to create a drip of blood or a gory wound on any part of your body.

5. Highlighter

Highlighter is officially our favourite product for this day. You can use several layers to get an otherworldly, alien-esque glow. For a cool, robot look, silver highlighter will be your best friend, whilst a gold-toned one can help you transform into an Oscar statue.

Which of these ideas are you going to use this Halloween?

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