Raju Srivastav Files A Defamation Case Against An Imposter

Sukriti Gumber , 26 Oct 2017
Raju Srivastava
Raju Srivastav (Source: Tumblr.com)

Raju Srivastav has reportedly lodged a police complaint against an unknown imposter at the Oshiwara police station yesterday. The comedian claims that the imposter was using his face to make derogatory jokes against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other members of the BJP.

According to a reprot in Mid-Day, a complaint has been filed under Section 500 of IPC (punishment for defamation). Raju told the leading daily:

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but do not use my name. When the joke is not mine, why should I take the blame for it? The jokes should be clean and should not target someone. Social media is a great platform to spread good word. Why use it to spread negativity? And don’t use my name or photo for the same.

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