Twinkle Khanna Shut Down Trolls After They Make Senseless Comments On Her Photo

Shreemi Verma , 26 Oct 2017
Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna

Trust Twinkle Khanna to take no shit, like ever. The author and interior designer is known to be an absolute savage when a random person on the Internet passes a nasty comment on her or her near and dear ones. Here’s an exhibit –

Twinkle Khanna
Source: @mrsfunnybones

Yesterday, Twinkle posted a gorgeous photo of herself from a Vogue India shoot, her original caption was harmless and fun!

But of course, this is the Internet and people are trash. They started ‘condemning’ her for putting her foot on books when anyone with proper vision can see that her foot is on a stool! But no. We are like this only.

Tired of this nonsense flooding her mentions, Twinkle gave a befitting reply –

She even had a perfect comeback to this accuser –

Twinkle Khanna
Source: Twitter @mrsfunnybones

Same Akshay, same.

Akshay Kumar

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