Bigg Boss 11: Priya Malik's Take On Dhinchak Pooja Is Rather Unexpected

Sukriti Gumber , 27 Oct 2017
Priya Malik

Priya Malik is quite vocal about anything & everything. Remember when she called out a producer on social media for sending her creepy messages? Or when she did a badass photoshoot & kicked patriarchy in the face for dictating women on how to dress?! And we surely haven’t forgotten her bitchy & savage reviews of Bigg Boss 10! (Read them all here.)

Dhinchak Pooja (Source: Twitter | @biggboss)

Priya is now all set to host a gossip segment, Big Buzz with Sahil Khattar, which will be aired exclusively on Voot. And she has a favourite contestant in the house – Dhinchak Pooja. Yeah, that’s right, Priya is reportedly rooting for Pooja and said:

Dhinchak Pooja is the only hope in the house. She represents home. I would like to tell her that don’t let people overshadow you and do what people think you cannot.

Oooh! Priya is a tough nut and if she is betting on Pooja (despite her *ahem* talents), there is definitely something about her, no?! Big Buzz will have ex – Bigg Boss contestants giving their opinion about the show and will showcase what the audience has to say about the current crop of contestants.

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